How to buy Bitcoin in Turkey

¿How to buy Bitcoin in Turkey? is much easier than it seems, if you know the best places to buy it. To consider a good site on the internet to buy Bitcoin, you have to take into consideration some very important aspects:

  • Age of the site, that has years of operation, recognition and a profile as a safe and recognized platform.
  • Security, closely linked to its reputation. Localbitcoins have years of recognized history and have developed verification systems to guarantee the security of your cryptocurrencies.
  • Reputation, in terms of volume, security and brand management.

¿How to buy Bitcoin in Turkey? ¿Where to buy Bitcoin in Turkey?

Localbitcoins is one of best sites to buy Bitcoin in Turkey. As well as its payment methods, which give everyone the opportunity to buy Bitcoin.

Localbitcoins is quite popular for p2p (person to person) transactions all over the world. Of all the Bitcoin buying and selling sites listed here, this is the best as everyone can buy Bitcoin here. The form of payment is by bank transfer, which makes it very easy and fast to be able to buy Bitcoin.

It is also a platform that allows you to transfer or receive Bitcoin, convert it into your currency and receive that amount directly to your bank account, all in just minutes.

How to make an international transfer without paying commissions?

We all know how tedious an international bank transfer is: you have to wait several days for it to take place, plus you pay absurdly expensive commissions.

Localbitcoins is an ideal tool that can save you from having to pay for transfers. With its correct use you could make an international transfer in the following way:

  • Both you and the person who is going to receive your money transfer must have their Localbitcoins accounts.
  • You access Localbitcoins and buy your Bitcoin.
  • You send Bitcoin to the electronic wallet of who is going to receive
  • The person who receives Bitcoin sells them on Localbitcoins and receives the money from the sale in his bank account.
  • Now, the whole process must be done sequentially, without letting days pass, since due to the change in the price of Bitcoin it may vary in price, if it rises in price, then the recipient will have more than expected, but if it falls it will be less.
  • The whole process mentioned above will take only a few hours, and the commission is very low.

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